JC Roofing and Insulating


Our History

Founder John Cain started shingling in 1978 after a hailstorm hit Sioux city, Iowa. He had no experience or history in the work, just a willingness to learn, and was not afraid of working hard. After a few years in the industry, he got hired by at the time one of the larger roofing companies in our area. During that time, he gained his first experience with working on flat roofs. 

After 6 years, John decided that it was time to start his own roofing company. He called it JC Roofing & Insulating.  Even though he had very little experience and no equipment besides some hand tools, he did have a desire to succeed. John borrowed a truck and a ladder and headed out trying to sell roofs. He would get up early work till it got hot, and come back to work till dark. After some time, John started out focusing on shingles because that was what he had the most experience doing and required the least number of tools to do it.

Eventually, John started buying more equipment and purchased his first kettle to start doing flat roofs. Subsequently, JC Roofing & Insulating was established in 1984 and has continued to grow and we have established ourselves as a leader in the roofing industry.

Our Company Today

Since that time, we as a company have expanded each year to better service our clients and the market, and the rest is history. We now work on projects throughout the United States. 

We are proud of the high level of satisfaction our customers have with our work. For this reason, we maintain a large percentage of repeat business, as well as new business that has been acquired through the recommendations of our previous clients. Quality craftsmanship is the hallmark of J.C. Roofing & Insulating. Request a free estimate today!

Original Chevy trucks used by John Cain when he started JC Roofing
Old red Chevy with JC Roofing logo on the side parked in a residential driveway
Old JC Roofing shop no longer in use with boarded up windows

The best local roofing company! Customer service is outstanding, and they stand by it. We have hired JC Roofing several times. John is always great to work with. They are very professional and do a wonderful job explaining what needs to be done. They are our go-to for anything roofing and insulation, from commercial to residential. I highly recommend them.

Brett G

A few notable Commercial projects:

We had a very personable estimator who gave us a bid that met our plan. Every effort was made to match the existing roof of the main house, with a very good outcome to our pleasure. We were glad we chose J.C. Roofing AGAIN!

Barbara Stolze

South Sioux City, NE